Don’t rely on prefabricated, fill-in-the-blank forms for your serious legal contracts. Your savings, your home, and your future earnings are at risk until you hire a lawyer well-versed in business law.


Business agreements can turn sour. And when they do, you will need a lawyer to help you approach the problem in the most effective way. From a simple letter to a full-blown lawsuit, we can solve your problem.


“Am I the only one?” The answer is no. When you are thwarted and frustrated by a large, impersonal corporation, the only way to get the answer you deserve is through a law firm.

California law favors the employee, so let us help you use that to your advantage. Hostile workplace, wrongful termination, discrimination… we’ll ask the kind of questions to make your employer jump.

If you have a house, a car, or more than a few thousand dollars in the bank, then you need an estate plan. A small investment in a will now can save thousands in probate fees.

“Hey! I made that years ago!” Many great ideas were stolen. The inventions, programs, or stories you create are protected as soon as you make them. Let us help you keep the fruits of that labor.


Insurance agencies are known to push the barriers of acceptable business behavior. The culture of an insurance agency can turn dark, denying claims and reducing settlements in an effort to save money. We can find the other claimants to create a formidable legal case.

Perhaps you have received notice that you are being sued. Or maybe you need to initiate a personal or professional lawsuit. The US court system is a powerful tool up uphold your contracts and rights; let us help you use that tool effectively.

Slip-and-fall, negligence, bike injury, auto accident, dog bites… Just a few examples of the kind of personal injury incidents that represent. We can defend or prosecute your case.

Many California real estate transactions don’t require a lawyer. However, real estate gets complicated very quickly, and you need to know your interests are well represented when you face multiple parties and municipal offices.

Business partners and former employees have a habit of sneaking away and sharing proprietary information. This can be detrimental to your business’s success. We will protect your trade secrets to ensure the longevity of your business.


The loss of a life is terrible. Avoidable losses are insufferable. Let us represent your family when you need someone the most. We will stand strong on your behalf during a painful and stressful time.